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Fuck Craigslist

So I like to post things on Rants and Raves. Well I got flagged so many times that now Craigslist makes me do a phone authentication process before I can make a posting. Fuck that. Whatever happened to freedom of speech? Why do people flag others on Craigslist simply because they’re in disagreement about a topic?

I found a way around this phone authentication process, however. I loaded up a proxy and now I’m posting again. What a shame I actually had to use a proxy to get around their crappy system! Traffic on Craigslist is going to go down the shitter once people realize that it is far too easy to essentially become banned from posting.

Nobody wants to have their phone number associated with a website. Talk about a privacy invasion!

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Perhaps if you didn't feel the need to insult people on the internet then you wouldn't have this problem. It's true that people can post whatever they want on the internet -you certainly have - but that doesn't mean that this right should be abused. If the comments that you posted on Craigslist are anything like the comments that you posted on feminist_lit then I don't blame people who feel the need to flag you. Anyway I wish to part from you with the following advice: live and let live. Keep your negative opinion's to yourself. It's as simple as that.

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